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Paranormal Investigator

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Marissa hears it all the time..."Paranormal investigator? That's weird, Marissa!"

She knows that it is a bit strange. Yet, that is just one reason why she does it. Her thoughts are, "If you believe in the afterlife, God, and all of that, why not believe that there are spirits among us?" She also says, "If you have never had a paranormal experience, I can understand why people hesitate to believe in it. But once you have that experience, there is no going back, you're hooked."

Marissa has expereinced paranormal events many times in her life. Then she started reading up on the subject. After reading other people's accounts, seeing pictures, and understanding the science behind it all, she realized, "Hey! I am not crazy!"

She captured spirits on film for the first time in 2001 when she went on a trip to New Orleans. After developing her film, she noticed round orbs in some of the shots. After returning home, she contacted a woman in New Orleans about what she captured on film. She emailed the photos and after taking a look, the women confirmed that she had taken successfull paranormal photos. Well, that was just the beginning.

After realizing that she had a nack for this, she started going to places that were supposedly haunted and conducting her own investigations. Just to name a few places she has gone: Queen Mary ship in Long Beach, CA, cemeteries such as the Hollywood Forever Cemetery & Pierce Bros Westwood Village Memorial Park where Marilyn Monroe is resting , apartment complex's basements, and hotels such as the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Some places did have paranormal activity. Others did not turn up any results.

Marissa even ended up writing an ebook on the subject of paranormal investigation as well as an independent movie script in which she hosted.

Marissa sees paranormal investigating as a unique pastime. Sure, there are people who think inside the box and do not have an open mind to this field. But Marissa is not just anyone. She gives everything a chance so she can develop her own opinions on the subject.

This paranormal investigator section will be finished within a day or two. So please be sure to check back. It is a pretty large section so patience is required.

Thank you for your interest in MarissaSims.com!
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